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Название ICOUtile Network
Дата начала14 января, 2019
Дата окончания14 марта, 2019
1 год тому назад
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It is a platform, which main aim is to build a community sharing information and working together for its own and overall success. The platform provides unmatched tools for expertise and trade to maximize profits from asset trading. This is a great way to compensate for or fill the gaps. This platform is primarily a revolutionary management of investments and strategies through the creation of infrastructure that rewards associates

Main features:

Transparency​ - Thanks to visible history of content generated by publishers, archivized statistics of potential profits, users can judge value of provided informations and their creators.

Knowledge ​ - using the platform, the user gains access to all types of analyzes, articles, signals and guides from the field of cryptocurrencies.

Managing communities within the platform​ - this allows investors to join private groups of creators.To be able to join their private publication library, investors indicate specific requirements that must be met. Platform users have the option of freely exchanging information and insights in conjunction with cryptocurrencies.

Reward system ​- this is a mechanism that allows you to receive Utile Tokens. The user placing useful informations on the platform or evaluating content of other users will be rewarded with Utile Tokens.

Self-promotion​ - promotional tools that allow creators to promote their work and advertise their company or brand to further deepen their own knowledge and knowledge of other users. Active use of the platform, which helps in its expansion leads to increase the range of presented content.

Finished product​ - platform in Beta version ready for use before main token sale.

Founder System​ - it is a team of specialists monitoring the development and progress of the entire platform. They are trusted community advisers who care about constant development and allow investors to build knowledge.

A question and answer panel (helpdesk)​ - a place created for users who can ask or answer questions, receiving tokens in return, contributing to the development of the platform.

Token function

Reward for contribution on platform - Publication in the form of market analysis, researched information, presentation, speculation or any creation about blockchain related topic will be rated by community members and as a result of evaluation protocol will be eligible for UTL tokens reward.

Reward for founders - Utile Token will be used as an assurance for on platform content development by rewarding the founding members.

Means of payment - Token will be used as the payment medium - all activities on platform will be carried out by using UTL Token.

Business Strategy Director

Dear community,
The Utile Network presale is now live!

We are creating a unified digital workplace for the cryptocurrency community.

Get 33% bonus!
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Цена1 UTL = 0.12 USD Продажа100,000,000 Режим оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестиция0.1 ETH распределение50% поднятыйN/A
Мягкая крышка2,000,000 USD Hard Cap10,800,000 USD
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