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Название ICOTierion
Дата начала27 июля, 2017
Дата окончания28 июля, 2017
3 года тому назад

Tierion is launching a universal platform for data verification that operates at massive scale.

Tierion has joined the League of Entropy, along with other industry leaders such as Cloudflare and Protocol Labs, to run drand, a distributed randomness beacon.


Chainpoint-js 1.1.0 now automatically connects to public Gateways. This makes it even easier for developers to use Chainpoint. https://github.com/chainpoint/chainpoint-js/releases/tag/1.1.0

The legacy code for the following repos has been migrated to a new Github organization, http://github.com/tnt-legacy

* chainpoint-services
* chainpoint-node-src
* chainpoint-node
* chainpoint-cli
* chainpoint-client-js

IN DEPTH: With paywall systems for everything from #bitcoin to $XRP, crypto payments could revolutionize the media industry – if demand actually matched supply.

@La__Cuen reports


1/ Today we're releasing LSAT, a Lightning-native protocol to manage paid access to APIs, apps, and websites.

LSAT greatly improves privacy with no need for usernames, passwords, or credit cards.

The Lightning-native web is the future, join us! 🔮


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Цена0.07 USD Продажа350,000,000 Режим оплатыN/A
Минимальная инвестицияN/A распределение35% поднятый$25,000,000
Мягкая крышкаN/A Hard CapN/A
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