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Название ICOThe Quantum Resistant Ledger
Дата начала01 мая, 2017
Дата окончания24 мая, 2017
3 года тому назад
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he Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) project is a public blockchain ledger designed to be specifically secure against quantum computing (QC) advances. Unlike existing ledgers, such as bitcoin or ethereum, the QRL is specially designed to use a form of post-quantum secure signature for transactions called XMSS. The QRL also uses a low power proof-of-stake (POS) algorithm which again utilises iterative hash-chains and provably secure hash-based pseudo random number functions. The POS algorithm is designed to have zero reliance upon conventional signatures which are vulnerable to a sufficiently powerful QC and allows nodes to run on low power devices such as raspberry PI’s or laptops and passively earn income by staking.

Core developer Founder
Core developer Full stack developer
Core developer Blockchain developer

Congratulations to @Gemini on a UK launch. The next time @cameron or @tylerwinklevoss are in UK a visit to Bletchley Park is recommenced to see where the war between computers & encryption began — and hear from UK @QRLedger team members about how QRL is ready for the next battle.

Are You Ready for the Quantum Computing Revolution?

@HarvardBiz.Yes, $QRL is.

"NSA expects that stateful sign #XMSS will be standardized by NIST & approved for Network Security for niche apps where maintaining state isn't a problem"

Guess where maintaining state isn't a problem, but a requirement

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👨‍🚀 $QRL 🚀
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IBM and Cambridge Quantum Computing announce random number generator service

A quantum secure blockchain may contain complicated math under the hood, but that doesn't mean the user interface needs to be complicated as well.

Check out our latest user friendly QRL Mobile Wallet walkthrough by @Strike_Attack

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Цена0.08 USD Продажа105,000,000 Режим оплатыBTC, ETH
Минимальная инвестицияN/A распределениеN/A поднятый$4,000,000
Мягкая крышка500000 USD Hard Cap4000000 USD
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