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Название ICOStash
Дата начала22 октября, 2017
Дата окончания19 ноября, 2017
2 года тому назад
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STASHPAY.IO is an open source cryptographic software that combines many innovative protocol features from Bitcoin, Dash and Zcash while solving numerous problems currently experienced by various open source blockchain software. While different blockchain software possess diverse and valuable attributes each also has their own problems. These issues include slow transaction speeds, high transaction costs, poor scalability, a fair launch, strong privacy, practical governance framework, a continuous funding structure and correct user incentives. The goal of STASHPAY. IO is to bring together many of the most cutting-edge blockchain software features and build on top of proven block chain technology to solve or eliminate these problems. This, in turn, should create a blockchain software that is increasingly useful and desirable for end users and long-term holders alike.

CEO & Co-founder
CTO & Co-Founder
Software Engineer
Цена1 STP = 0.10 USD Продажа360,000,000 Режим оплатыETH, BTC
Минимальная инвестицияN/A распределение72% поднятыйUnknown
Мягкая крышкаN/A Hard Cap36,000,000 USD
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