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Дата начала01 апреля, 2018
Дата окончания01 апреля, 2019
1 год тому назад
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Fast Invest is expanding the platform to a new infrastructure on the blockchain technology to offer a broader range of financial products. We are creating a digital banking system, prioritising the investment sector to help people generate secure and stable passive income streams, and thereby achieve financial freedom. Fast Invest will provide investment solutions, which are different from traditional investment. Investment solutions, such as real estate, private equity, and other structured finance products. We want to create an elegant, intuitive and straightforward alternative to our day-to-day banking habits, avoiding the convoluted bureaucracy mechanism.

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The lack of uniform crowdfunding rules across the EU results in legal uncertainty and discourages investment in projects in different countries. It also puts crowdfunding service providers off offering cross-border services.

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According to Barclays' report (from March 2020), FinTech companies will team up with traditional banks and promising startups to launch innovative products and services.

Invest with 18% ROI and build your financial freedom:

“The key to financial freedom and great wealth is a person’s ability or skill to convert earned income into passive income or portfolio income”. - Robert Kiyosaki. 🚀

More about in our blog post: 👈

FAST INVEST survey showed that the main reason for the majority of withdrawals is the necessity of funds. 57% of respondents indicated, "I need funds at the moment," and only 8% is concerned with the platform's security.

More on our blog post: 👈

Our new blog post is out 🚀It's a little reminder or introduction for those who need to know everything about #P2P lending - #alternativeinvestment form.


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Цена0.01 USD Продажа5,000,000,000 Режим оплатыETH, BTC
Минимальная инвестицияN/A распределение40% поднятыйN/A
Мягкая крышкаN/A Hard CapN/A
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