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Название ICOeHealth First
Дата началаTBA
Дата окончанияTBA
СтранаBritish Virgin Islands
Время ICO

The eHealth First Platform and Token

Chief Executive Officer
Advisor in Mathematical Modeling of complex biomedical systems, Systems Biology of the aging process, Advanced Data Analysis.
Director, Public Health and Longevity Programs

Hi everyone!
Pls read our intro story about IT in Healthcare and medicine:

Dear all!

Take a look at our new publucation on Medium:

Eray Ozkural about A.I., M.L., N.L.P., future of health care and eHealth First (EHF) Platform

Dear All,
EHF Team wishes you Happy New Year!
We wish you to reach all goals that you have set for yourself in the upcoming year. We would like this New Year to provide you enough reasons to be happy and to have many days filled with joy.
Have a great start to a great 2019 year!

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Цена1 EHF = 0.01 ETH Продажа80,000,000 Режим оплатыETH, BTC, Fiat
Минимальная инвестицияN/A распределение80 % поднятыйN/A
Мягкая крышка8000 ETH Hard Cap259000 ETH
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