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Название ICODragonchain
Дата начала02 октября, 2017
Дата окончания02 ноября, 2017
2 года тому назад
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Dragonchain provides a commercial platform for application developers to rapidly and securely deploy Blockchain applications while maintaining existing language development environments (e.g. Java, Python, Node, C#, Go); a tremendous costing and speed to market advantage​. The Dragonchain architecture is also designed to allow nodes to handle approval of transactions based upon five levels of network consensus to provide a spectrum of trust to data consumers; a level of security and flexibility unseen in the market by current blockchain solution providers. These design attributes​ ​position​ ​Dragonchain​ ​for​ ​exponential​ ​growth​.

Co-Founder Bloq
Co-Founder Xbox
VP Payments Starbucks


-Dragonchain is building loyalty and identity solutions for Coiin
-Interchain patent broadened to cover any two chains
-Tor and Youtube coming to Den
-Joe's beard is curly and changes shape

Full recap by community member @BitBuyTheCoin:

#EternalDeletedTweets 04 02 20

This tweet by @BullyEsq was captured and archived by @GiltroLand.

It has since been deleted from @Twitter, but is saved onto 4 of the most powerful blockchains in the world.

Proof: https://eternal.dragonchain.com/transaction/b4246aff-c890-4b78-a839-d20a674b0d8b

Super Happy Dragon Lucky Episode 0x22

On the agenda:
Interchain Patent Release Info
Coiin Contract Update
Den Project Updates
Live AMA (have your questions ready!)


By broadening it's Interchain patent, Dragonchain further cements itself as the leader in blockchain interoperability.

Read more about our expanded US patent: https://eternal.dragonchain.com/transaction/1c57d5c9-914f-4fd8-be56-bc668cef57bc

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Цена0.07 USD Продажа433,494,437 Режим оплатыETH, BTC
Минимальная инвестицияN/A распределение55% поднятый$13,700,000
Мягкая крышкаN/A Hard Cap238421940 DRGN
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