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DFINITY introduces algorithmic governance in the form of a "Blockchain Nervous System" that can protect users from attacks and help restart broken systems, dynamically optimize network security and efficiency, upgrade the protocol and mitigate misuse of the platform, for example by those wishing to run illegal or immoral systems.

President & Chief Scientist
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Announcing: Exploring Entrepreneurship in the Open Internet Boom, a startup-focused virtual event.

Learn company-building tips from founders who want to build the next big open internet startups, and the VCs enabling scale.

Join us on March 9, 10AM PT.


Recap: Tech visionaries joined Forbes and DFINITY for a special event to discuss this pivotal moment in the internet’s evolution. https://bit.ly/2ZSNTdp

Forbes and @DFINITY gathered innovators and investors in a virtual event designed to explore the power of an open internet and how businesses can benefit from the internet’s evolution.

Understanding the ways that misinformation campaigns are seeded and unfold online can help us determine how to stop their spread. https://thereboot.com/super-spreader-how-misinformation-takes-root/ by @libshipwreck

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