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Название ICOCoinnup
Дата начала23 апреля, 2018
Дата окончания28 октября, 2018
1 год тому назад

The digital space is developing on blockchain with new applications are launched every day to bring a decentralized solution to the digital economy. Fintech related development is taking the lead with over 30% of share in overall blockchain base technology surfaced so far. Undoubtedly the decentralization and transparency are way forward from here, but on another hand, this will be only possible with mass adoption.

CEO & Founder
Lead Engineer
Full Stack Developer

Paymaz beta version is live now. Check out our website and let us know your feedback.

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Read @coinnup WhitePaper | Learn more about #Paymaz #Fiat_Central, #Coin_Convert, #Crypto_Exchange and #MobileRecharge Features. |

The unique thing about @PaymazFintech platform’s coin conversion feature is its use of the Coinnup Swift Swap (CSS) protocol that will allow trading from available pools or pairs.

@coinnup brings #Paymaz - Now Directly #buy_coins of your choice using #fiat_cash. Save up to 75% of #transaction_fees that you pay on other #exchanges. Join the @coinnup #crypto_innovation, read


Major @PaymazFintech Components:-

#CoinConvert | #DigitalWallet | #MerchantPaymentProcessor |#CryptoExchange |#MobileRechargeApp

| A #Blockchain Project with #RealUseCases -

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Цена1 ETH = 2800 - 2700 CU ПродажаN/A Режим оплатыETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, NEO
Минимальная инвестиция250 CU распределение35% поднятыйN/A
Мягкая крышка21000000 USD Hard Cap32000000 USD
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